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The company has developed a system of franchising that will accelerate Dva Gusya’s expansion inside and outside of Ukraine. By selling franchises, we are handing over an integrated business system including the corporate identity kit, process flow sheets, management techniques, marketing policy, personnel training and monitoring etc.

Having bought a Dva Gusya franchise, our client is entitled to sell a well-known product under a successful brand name, becoming a member of a successful team. Our franchise restaurants opened in Rivne (2004), Khmelnytsky (2004), Truskavets (2005), Lugansk (2010) and Kryvyi Rih (2010). More restaurants are planned to be opened in Ternopol, Sumy and Khmelnytskuy region.

Under the terms of the Dva Gusya franchise contract, for a restaurant to open, the franchiser shall:

  • offer consultative assistance during the selection and evaluation of premises
  • provide a business plan
  • offer consultative assistance regarding the design of premises
  • offer consultative assistance during the engineering design
  • form the choice
  • form the price policy
  • select the manufacturing and shop equipment
  • adapt the accounting programs
  • train the staff
  • open and promote the restaurant.

Upon the opening, the franchiser regularly monitors and corrects the restaurant performances, supplies various advertising means as part of advertising networking.

If you are looking for reliable and stable business, comprehensive assistance and support to the establishment and development of such enterprises, we will be pleased to discuss all the aspects of our potential cooperation and offer any consultative assistance, if necessary.

Contact person:
Business Development Director
Yashnik Valeriy
tel. +38-067 508-56-16

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