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Felicita Pizza Bar

Итальянской кухни 'Феличита'

The new direction of the Corporation "OMEX" - an institution of Italian cuisine "Felicita". The first facility opened in 2007 in the shopping center "Metrograd".

The range of dishes based on recipes of the Mediterranean : salads Palermo, Kariba, Capri, Caprese, minestrone soup, risotto with chicken, peppers and cheese rikkota, eggplant Parmedzhano.

Italian cuisine is represented by different kinds of pizza - "Sole Mio" with grapes, grapefruit, pine nuts, and four kinds of cheese, "Tempest" with trout, mussels, prawns, "Villagio" with chicken and avocado, for vegetarians "Vegetarian" with mushrooms and more many other original recipes.

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