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Fast service restaurants "Dva Gusya"

Fast service restaurants 'Dva Gusya'

Chain of restaurants "Dva Gusya" is a priority for the Corporation "OMEX". The first restaurant under the trademark "Dva Gusya" was opened in 1998. At this moment at the territory of Ukraine operates 14 restaurants - in Kyiv, Khmelnytsky, Khmelnitsky region, Truskavets, Krivoy Rog and Ternopil.

The mission of the restaurants of trade mark "Dva Gusya" - providing positive emotions to the clients during a visit to our restaurants due to healthy and delicious food, speed of service, variety and assortment of European and Ukrainian cuisine.

We create not only quality food and drinks, we offer a sincere atmosphere, positive emotions, personal approach that gets every visitor. Acting as a socially responsible company, the main principles of our work is a partnership with the best suppliers, strict quality control and flexible pricing.

We focus on the taste preferences of customers in each region. Marketing research results allow us to react to differences in tastes of clients. A distinctive feature of the restaurant chain "Dva Gusya" is a renewal of the range while maintaining the brand and the most popular dishes.

According to the company’s strategic plans, the policy of expanding the restaurant chain will continue, not only in Ukraine but also in the markets of Russia, Eastern and Central Europe. Existing know-how and unique technology of preparation and characteristics of the brand concept "Dva Gusya" allow us to count on highly effective promotion of the restaurant chain.

Where to find your Dva Gusya:

  • Kyiv, 72 Vasylkivska St., Olympic shopping center
  • Kyiv, 7/11 Khreschatyk St.,
  • Kyiv, Metrograd shopping center
  • Kyiv, 46 B.Khmelnytsky St.
  • Kyiv, 9/11 Arsenalna St.
  • Kyiv, 4 Osvity St.
  • Truskavets, 52a Sukhovolya St.
  • Rivne, 2 Kavkazka St.
  • Khmelnytsky, 63 Proskurynskogo Pidpillya St.
  • Kryvyi Rih, 2A Semlyachki St.
  • Sumy, st. Kirova, 144/3
  • Ternopil, st. Shevchenko, 12
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