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Corporate catering

Corporate catering

OMEX Outsourcing - operator of outsourcing services in the area of corporate catering. Service Outsourcing solutions from OMEX will allow you to optimize the cost of food for your employees and create favorable conditions for the development of the core business of your company.

Outsourcing - the transfer of the organization specific business processes or functions on a permanent service to another company that specializes in the field.

The main specialization of OMEX Outsourcing - the organization of corporate catering for a variety of business and industrial, educational and health facilities, as well as distant objects. We do not offer cookie cutter solutions: each project takes into account the clientís business. The company is completely open in dealing with clients, and the prices for our services are always transparent and justified.

We are creating a new image of corporate catering, which is based on technology and rationality, professionalism and quality standards. The teamís professionalism, high quality services, the responsibility for the result - this has allowed us to earn the recognition of many customers.

Taking care of the quality of daily life, OMEX Outsourcing designs its solutions for catering to suit all needs and wishes of the client. Our skilled chefs will be happy to offer you a high quality, diverse, balanced meals at the optimal combination of price and quality.

The scope of services includes corporate catering :

  • organization of corporate dining
  • organization of corporate cafe
  • organization of corporate buffet
  • catering in distant objects
  • organization and reorganization of enterprises stationary dining
OMEX Outsourcing
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