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CITI coffee houses

The first coffee house "City "was opened in 2003. The concept of TM "CITI" was developed specifically for the format of the coffee places of the city. In operation, the institutions tested a variety of formats, and the study was conducted preferences of our customers. Today we can say that we have come to the ultimate vision of the city’s coffee houses format "CITI".

Urban coffee house "CITI" - a business lifestyle of the modern city, active and romantic. This, above all the atmosphere, a place of meetings with business partners and at the same time - a breath of freedom in the hectic daily routine. This is the area to socialize with friends and the world. Finally, an opportunity to have a good time.

The basis of the menu and the pride of coffee house "CITI" - a good, proper coffee. Every day the menu offers several kinds of espresso, cappuccino, ristretto, latte, frappe, as well as more varied hot and cold coffee-based cocktails. Tea lovers are offered black, green, flavored teas. To all this, a large selection of sweet - from jelly and mousse to pancakes and cakes, ice cream and cocktails.

Name brand, its image and brand directly affect its market position. Thanks to the quality of the staff, carefully selected assortment, personal service and impeccable service, TM "CITI" aims to make a name for themselves the best coffee shops in its format.

  • Kyiv, 7/11 Khreschatyk St.
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