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 About the Corporation 

About the Corporation

Corporation "OMEX" - the group of companies in the food service industry combined for complementary activities and to ensure the concentration of resources on promising projects. The purpose of creation of the Corporation was optimizing costs and achieving a balance between the interests of the companies that are included in its part.

Now "OMEX" - a modern structure that is developing dynamically, based on the practice and experience of highly skilled professionals who work with large ukrainian and foreign companies, state enterprises and private individuals. The main activity is the food service industry. The Corporation owns the trademarks - "Dva Gusya" and "CITI".

We have developed business units that are transformed into separate organizational structures which goes beyond the maintenance of the existing chain of the restaurants.

Structure of the Corporation "OMEX" allows on the one hand, to work flexibly, to meet the requirements of our customers and partners, on the other hand, focus on strategically important and promising directions of activity that are embodied in the chain of the business units, working closely with each other.

We understand that the main role in the business plays a mutual trust, and this is an additional argument in favor of our approach, which is based on a long-term partnership. Corporation "OMEX" is ready to cooperate and constantly expanding the range of its customers and partners.

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