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 About the Corporation 

Corporate history

The date of the OMEX Corporation legal registration is October 9, 2002. OMEX group of companies' history dates back to 1997 when several companies decided to integrate in order to develop new spheres of activity.

Corporation development history represents a row of significant events related to achieving goals and diversification of the business directions.

  • First member companies registered; a restaurant project launched.

  • The first restaurant to be branded Dva Gusya opened in Kyiv at 46, Bohdan Khmelnytsky St.
  • Restaurant business reorganized. The Corporation decides to build its own fast-service restaurant chain.

  • The second restaurant Dva Gusya opened in Kyiv at 42, Khreschatyk St. Its concept is not a traditional "fast-food" but rather a quick-and-casual restaurant with a wide assortment of meals.

  • Two more fast-service restaurants Dva Gusya opened in the heart of Kyiv: in Metrograd (Besarabska Sq.) and Globus (Independence Sq.) shopping centers. They got off to a flying start under a new for Ukraine restaurant business concept of food court.

  • The Dva Gusya chain already consists of five successful restaurants taking a leading market stand in fast-service catering in Ukraine.

  • The corporation opens a representative office in Germany. The first restaurant Dva Gusya is opened in Donetsk (Zolote Kiltse shopping center). Two more restaurants Dva Gusya opened in Kyiv: in CITI and Begemot shopping centers. There are seven restaurants in the chain already.

  • The corporation is mastering a new market segment of coffee houses. Two cafes under the CITI trademark are opened in Kyiv – in CITI and Metrograd shopping centers.

  • OMEX wins the right to cater for the US Embassy – two restaurants are opened in Hlybochytska and Kotsyubinsky streets.

  • Two franchise restaurants Dva Gusya are opened in Rivne and Khmelnytsky.
  • Two big new restaurants Dva Gusya are opened in Kyiv’s Olympic shopping center and in Donetsk’s Mix center. Their sport-themed halls feature plasma TV screens for watching sports.

  • Another CITI coffee house is opened on Sevastopolska Sq. in Kyiv.
  • Customers are offered a new service of office catering by Dva Gusya.

  • The corporation wins the right to open two canteens for ROSHEN and AVON companies.

  • Franchise restaurants Dva Gusya are opened in Truskavets and Ivano-Frankivsk. The number of restaurants in the chain reaches 11.
  • The corporation opens a canteen for the staff of the Karl Marx confectionary in Kyiv.

  • A Wabi-Sabi sushi-bar is a new concept marketed by the corporation in Kyiv’s Olympic shopping center. This is the company’s first and quite successful attempt to place its foot on the Japanese cuisine market.

  • Another new marketed concept concerns Italian cuisine. A Felicita cafe opened in Metrograd shopping center offers its clients the true Italian pizza, Minestrone soup and many other Mediterranean culinary masterpieces.

  • A Dva Gusya franchise restaurant is opened in Chernihiv.
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